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"The Passion & Promise of Christmas"

A "Trinity Tree"
Tim Morell

"The Passion & Promise of Christmas" - a sparkling, hand-set in individual prongs, 24 carat gold (plated), Swarovski (tm) crystal tree. The colors are red, green , white & gold, but mostly in red, with three clear-white crystals set in the top and two dazzling diamond-like garlands underscoring the top and midsection.

"The Passion & Promise of Christmas" was 2 1/2 years in the making, and all my life falling in love with Christmas trees.*

This pin (2 inches) was modeled on a 10 and 1/2 foot, full and bushy Frasier Fir Christmas tree that I put up during the year I was expecting my second son, Clayton James Morell. My father, R. JamesMorell, died of cancer just a few months before Clay was born. At Christmas that year, I was struck by the beginnings and endings of life and how Christmas gives meaning & understanding to both. The Christmas tree that I put up that year expressed our joy and faith in the belief in Christ’s birth and crucifixion as the promise of everlasting life.

The tree was covered in 3 x 8 inch burlap red with gold trim bows and red poinsettias.. The design of the tree top --"TrinityTree" (tm), is based on the "triquetra". Triquetra is a Latin word meaning "three cornered" and is an ancient symbol for the Holy Trinity. In most strictly religious applications, the triquetra is shown as three interwoven and symmetrical arcs--each distinct yet equal and inseparable. The significance of such an arrangement is to show that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three distinct yet equal Persons and indivisibly One God.

But as you can see, our Trinity Tree top is somewhat different than the ancient triquetra: The center arching stone is the largest of the three. Here, my thought is quite simply to call attention to the center stone, as after all, it is the SON's Birthday!

I have emphasized the deep Siam-Ruby Red to symbolize the Passion of God's love through His Son. And, I’m continuing a family tradition by trimming the evergreen tree with red bows to symbolize the promise made of everlasting life. The presence of the white & gold represents the spirit and majesty found at Christmas.

1 Peter 2:24 tells us why we might think about the tree as an expression of God's Passion and Promise giving us good cause to "live for righteousness" , knowing that by His birth and sacrifice we are healed.

All the best,
     Tim Morell

PS: The first person to wear "The Passion & Promise of Christmas" was our friend Elena V. She is now a big time author and has been promoting her book: Cruising Cuisine, on radio, tv and by personal appearances.
Thank you, Elena (and husband, David).


Until Christmas