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The Passion and the Promise of Christmas
A Trinity Tree™ by Tim Morell

The Passion and the Promise of Christmas -- a sparkling hand-set crystal tree, mostly in red with three clear-white Swarovski™ crystals set in the top was 2 1/2 years in the making, and all my life falling in love with Christmas trees.

This pin was modeled on a 10 and 1/2 foot, full and bushy Frasier Fir Christmas tree that I put up during the year I was expecting my second son, Clay. It was covered in 3 x 8 inch burlap red with gold trim bows and red poinsettias.

Rev. J. Brabban, who married Colleen & me and baptized our sons, gave me the idea to emphasize the color red at Christmas as symbolizing the Passion of God's love through His Son. And my Aunt and Mom both used to use bows on their Christmas trees to symbolize the promise made of everlasting life. On the HOME PAGE here I quoted 1 Peter 2:24 to show why we might think about the tree as an expression of God's Passion and Promise giving us good cause to "live for righteousness" , knowing that by His birth and sacrifice we are healed.

The three bright, clear-white stones at the top, with the largest and brightest in the center, are especially symbolic to me...and I plan to use that top forever--as it represents the Holy Trinity at Christ's birth--Father/Son/Spirit. For purposes of this project I am preserving the name "Trinity Tree"™ as my way of distinctively describing the joy of the birth of Christ.

With love,
all the best,
Tim Morell


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