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Christmas Lights of Hope ©
A Trinity Tree™ by Tim Morell

”Christmas Lights of Hope”– “The light of the world has come...”

For many of us, God has provided a pathway of light for our lives. It is often in this special season of the year that we look back over the past and clearly see how God has led us to where we are today. Christmas Lights of Hope inspires us to look, really look into the faces around us, and know the Light of Christ-- the pure light of love. Our Christmas brooch, “Christmas Lights of Hope” is meant to be a shining and joyful symbol that with God’s special light–the light of the world–comes our only Hope.

“Christmas Lights of Hope” sparkles with hand-set Swarovski ™ crystals, raised to attract and radiate light in 4 prong settings. The backing is a bright and rich white gold (rhodium) thickly applied and polished to approximately a 3 micron finish over a copper base. Encrusted with clear-diamond crystals with various sparkling shapes and sized individual stones to represent lights and ornaments on a pure, simple yet dazzling tree, “Christmas Lights of Hope” features bright pink baguette bow near it’s heart to symbolize our hopes and prayers for all those affected by breast cancer. God’s love gives us hope that will never fail us. 1 Cor. 13, 7-8.

The design of the tree top --“TrinityTree” ™, is based on the "triquetra". Triquetra is a Latin word meaning "three cornered" and is an ancient symbol for the Holy Trinity. In most strictly religious applications, the triquetra is shown as three interwoven and symmetrical arcs--each distinct yet equal and inseparable. The significance of such an arrangement is to show that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three distinct yet equal Persons and indivisibly One God. Our Trinity Tree top, however, shows the Center stone arching high above the other two and, so, differs in that respect from the traditional Triquetra. Calling attention to the center was to highlight that Christmas is, after all, the Son’s birthday!

1 Peter 2:24 tells us why we might think about the tree as an expression of God's Passion and Promise giving us good cause to "live for righteousness," knowing that by His birth and sacrifice we are healed. Every year, I buy my Christmas ornaments in pairs–one ornament for the tree and one to share. In that way, every later year when I put an ornament on the tree that I have shared, I feel the shared spirit of the tree, in love, friendship and the interconnectedness of us all. And from recreating and sharing the spirit of this particular Christmas tree, my wish for you is to fill your heart with light and hope.

All the best–with Love,

Tim Morell

* TrinityTree pins are made “WITH” Swarovski crystal, not “BY” Swarovski Co.; and, therefore do not carry the Swan logo of Swarovski, Co.; For more information: TIM@TRINITYTREE.COM.

With love,
all the best,
Tim Morell


Until Christmas